Hari ini bukan semudah semalam untuk bergelar manusia perfect, Banyak yang perlu di korbankan banyak juga yang terpaksa dilepaskan, Sesekali langkah tersadung rebah menyembah, Sesekali melangkah gagah tersenyum megah dan semua itu memerlukan pengorbanan, menentu kesabaran dan air mata.... Selagi prinsip hidup berada di atas landasan yang betul, usah di gusar pada ANUGERAH TUHAN.... Anggaplah bila sesekali di duga, Itu sekadar untuk mematangkan & mengajar kita untuk bangun menjadi SESEMPURNA INSAN.....

My friends...

03 August 2009


SALAM....saya de satu cita nk d kongsi ngan kwn2 smua,msg sy jgn lh abaikan msg2 yg korg trime kat phone korg 2 k cz sy takut korg akn jadi mcm cita kat bwah ni, same2 lh kte ambk iktibar.....


Jane is a typical college girl who enjoys life to the fullest. She loves her boyfriend so much and texts him every now and then.

Mark is Jane's boyfriend who works in a call center in los angeles. He's always busy doing so many things. He only manage to reply to Jane's texts when he got off from work.

One time mark receive a message from jane : "hi baby! how are you? i miss you! call my house when u get home..take care! i love you!"

mark ignored the message because he always receive the same message whenever it is time for him to go home from work.

"baby, i miss you..did u eat yet?! take care when you get home! ill be waiting for your call..i love you!"

"baby, where are you?! its unfair that you dont reply to my texts... well, im just gonna wait for your call..i love you!"

Mark reaches home and lay on his bed. The last time he knew is that he's reading Jane's text. He was so tired he fall asleep and wasn't able to return jane's call. He can still hear his phone beeps but he's too tired to take a glimpse on the message.

When he woke up the next day, he remembers that he needs to call Jane. He ignored the messages and dialed Jane's .

No one's answering in her house. He called up her cellphone and he was surprised that her father answered the call. In his voice you can feel his tears and hear his heart tearing apart.

"Mark, why havent you called?. Jane was waiting for your call all night!"

"Dad im sorry. i fell asleep being so tired from work... i was calling ur house but no one was answering. where are you? so i can come over."

"Just meet me at jane's house." Mark went to Jane's house and much to his surprised he saw a lot of people inside. The house were so lighted but you can see the gloom on every person you'll meet there. He was greeted by Jane's mom on tears. She hug him tight and cried on his shoulders.

"Jane was waiting for you. She didnt come with us because she was waiting for your call. She was killed by robbers that broke in our house. Shes gone, Mark. She's gone." "thats impossible..she texted me..how could this happen!"

Mark can't look who's inside the coffin. He can't move and it feels like his whole body is stuck on the chair hes seating on. He wanted to cry but it seems that something is blocking his tears to fall down. He turned to his phone and read the messages of Jane.

"baby, im not coming with my mom and dad.. im just gonna wait for your call.." "baby..im so scared... it seems like theres someone downstairs..please call me now!" "baby..someones here..they might kill me.. please call me now, where are you? i need you here..." "baby.... i love you!..."

He wanted to shout and cry so loud. It's true that Jane is waiting for his call. Up to her last breath she only thinks about him.

He stared at Jane inside the coffin. Suddenly tears starts flowing down his cheeks. He can't say anything. The only words he uttered...

"My baby, i'm so sorry! I could have known, i could have fought for you! i'm really sorry! I love you so much!"..



  1. wow...
    sungguh dasyat..
    n rase nye mcm terkene lak..
    sory dear..
    ^ ^

  2. OMG!!

    damn sad ler diz story.zZz

    i hope i waont be like mark.hoho.

    p/s=follow me plz.^^

  3. haahaa....
    4 infrmntion, cita ni x de kaitn ngan sape2
    jaz i want to share 4 u....
    so spe2 yg trase 2 sowi lh huuhuu...


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